There are many door locks today which provide added security for your children and your home. Some of these locks are bio metrically enabled, and thus there are fingerprint door locks that ensure maximum and personalized home security. The top sliding door locks with the best reviews in 2020 are:

1. Ashtonbee Sliding Door Lock for Child Safety

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This is a sliding door locks that ensures your baby’s safety is at its maximum. It has a peel adhesive tape, which makes it easy for you to baby-proof your home in just a few seconds. This tape is peeled off and then applied to the intended surface to make your home baby-proof without necessarily calling specialists to do it for you. This baby proof lock is designed to blend into your home, and it is usable on cabinets, windows, drawers, and also on doors as it is compatible with most surfaces. It remains in place even when a baby attempts to pull or tug on it, making it very effective.

This prevents the baby from accessing off-limit and dangerous areas such as medicine cabinets, swimming pools, balconies, storage areas for cleaning supplies, and patios. The design making this lock is a keyless design that is very versatile and convenient, and it takes a very minimal space.

2. Safetynex sliding glass door lock

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This sliding door locks is a baby proof lock that has a very easy installation method as it does not require any drilling. The lock is meant to limit or completely stop your child from opening slide doors and accessing off-limits areas. These safety latches don’t need any screws or drills or tools for installation, as you can easily install the lock by peeling the paper backing and pressing the 3M adhesive on the intended surface. This lock is also very easy to operate and a must-have for every parent with a small kid. It works on any surface regardless of whether it is aluminum, wood, glass, or plastic, and it is suitable for traveling to use in rental properties and hotels.

3. Kwikset Juno Entry Knob featuring SmartKey

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This door lock provides maximum security as a result of its designer style and from the Kwikset Signature series. It has SmartKey security features with a re-key technology which enables you to re-key your locks in a short time for added security as it leaves all lost or unreturned keys obsolete. This lock protects you against common break-ins as the lock is kick-in resistant, pick resistant, saw resistance, and bump proof. It is also very convenient because it allows you to use a one-key convenience for all your doors and padlocks. If your child loses a key or if you have recently moved or had a tenant turnover, you don’t have to worry about replacing your locks, all you need is a Kwikset door lock.

4. Master lock pocket door lock

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This is a dual-function door security bar which hinders break-ins on hinged, sliding and patio doors. This lock is designed for indoor use, and its design makes it easily portable and very easy to store. It is an ideal choice for travel as it enhances your security and your family’s in hotels and rental facilities. This lock does not require any tools for installation, and it is also easily adjustable to fit your preference. This door lock is, however, not designed as the main locking device on your exterior door but rather as additional security to go with your current door hardware. It is used mainly on the interior slider and not on the exterior one.

5. Safety Innovations garage door lock

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The safety innovations complete deluxe bi-fold door lock.  It is a baby-proof lock that ensures the safety of your child at home. It can be used to baby-proof bi-fold doors on your pantry’ linen closet, bedroom closets.

Also on hinged and double doors in your house. This lock is not only baby-proof but also pet-proof. It has an easy installation process, and it does not require the use of any tools.

The lock slides very easily over the door hinge to lock and bi-folds away from the door hinge to unlock. It provides maximum security for you and your family as a result of the poly carbonate making it. The lock is super strong, and it is a perfect fit for doors.

It is a very secure fit, and it blends well with the decor of your home. In addition, this lock has an extension wand that attaches to the door lock to make it easy for shorter people to operate it.